We are specialists in place, destination and development brand strategy and its implementation. We provide value to our clients by enabling them to tailor their place and development proposals to market needs, wants and aspirations.

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Place and destination brand strategy tells the story of the planned evolution of the offer and experience of your place for your target audiences – businesses, organisations, residents, workers, learners and visitors.

Place brand strategy enables developments, attractions, towns and cities to become sought after destinations where people and businesses will spend time and money.

We have experience of developing brand strategies for individual developments, waterfront and dockland developments, mixed-use developments, green technology districts, shopping centres, high streets, city centres, entire cities, sports and leisure facilities, eco-tourism resorts, hotel resorts, and tourist driving routes.


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Helsinki Workshop


A tool to help places and destinations find their way to a compelling brand proposition.


  • Desired Future Place
  • Different Lifestyle
  • New Offer
  • New Experiences

Place Offer

  • Current Offer
  • Planned Offer
  • Target Market
  • Market Research
  • Development Programme

Brand Proposition

Brand Elements

  • Attributes
  • Benefits
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Essence

Brand Interpretation

  • Expression
  • Perception
  • Recognition
  • Reputation
  • Positioning

Brand Testing

  • Target Market Segment
  • Testing Framework
  • Analysis of Results
  • Brand Refinement

Brand Implementation

  • Brief for Masterplanners
  • Brief for Architects
  • Development Assessments
  • Investment Assessments
  • Brief for Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communication Plan

Brand Management

  • Brand Budget
  • Brand Organisation
  • Brand Action Programmes
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Brand Impact
  • Brand Refreshment

Our Place Matters Brand Compass© enables our clients to envision and plan the kind of place that they want to create, to specify in detail the offer it will have, to describe clearly the experience people will have there, to test the brand in the market with target audiences and to be clear on the key messages about the place that will inform their marketing strategy and communications.

The Compass incorporates a number of our proprietary tools including our Placematters Experience Masterplan© which is designed to identify the existing strengths and assets of the place and its current offer and experience, and our Placematters Marketing Masterplan© which is designed to test draft brand strategies with target market audiences, market conditions and current realities.

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