Below you will find short descriptions of a range of resources that you can download to enable you to understand what’s involved in place brand strategy. These are a mix of papers, articles and event information from Placematters which we plan to supplement with material from other leading practitioners in this field. If you have any materials that you would like us to post on this page then please contact us at

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A Collective Collaborative Brand Strategy for the UK Coastline

On 19 October 2016 Malcolm Allan Malcolm Allan made a presentation on this topic at the Seamless Sea Forum in London organised by the Honor Frost Foundation, an event that brought together for the first time many of the organisations currently working on aspects of marine and coastal development. Malcolm proposed that the time has come for these organisations and others to work collaboratively together for the good of the coast. He proposed that an effective vehicle for doing so was to create a holistic and unifying coastal development brand strategy.

You can download a copy of the presentation here.

The PM Place Brand Compass

Place Matters has developed a proprietary tool for our clients to use in creating a compelling, relevant and realistic brand strategy for the development of the offer and experience of their place.

Click here for a short presentation (PDF format 1.5MB) on this very effective and well tested tool.

Workshop on Creating & Liveable Loveable Places

In July 2015 Malcolm Allan ran a workshop at the annual ICTC & Mainstreets Conference in Woolongong, New South Wales, Australia on the subject of "Using Place Branding to Create Liveable and Loveable Places".

Click here for a copy of the notes that Malcolm prepared for participants at the workshop.

Seven Point Coastal Action Plan

British Hospitality Association

In October 2015 Placematters was commissioned by the British Hospitality Association to assess the current and potential contribution of coastal tourism to the regeneration of coastal towns. This study, which was completed in March 2016, formed the basis for a “Seven Point Coastal Action Plan” for discussion with government, a copy of which can be accessed at the BHA website. A copy of the full Placematters Report, “The Potential Contribution of Coastal Tourism to the Regeneration of seaside Towns” can be downloaded here

CORK – Big on Life

An Example of City Region Brand Strategy

Between 2012 and 2014 Placematters worked with Colliers International (Dublin) on the development of a brand strategy for the Cork city region in south west Ireland. Click on Place Brand Observer to read a long-form blog post on this project written for the Place Brand Observer.

London Bridge

An Example of a Central City District Brand Strategy

Between May 2013 and February 2014 Placematters worked on the creation of a destination brand strategy for the London Bridge area in central London. This work was commissioned by Team London Bridge who manage the area’s Business Improvement District. Click on Place Brand Observer to read a long-form blog post on this work written for the Place Brand Observer.

Place Brand Books

Placematters has pioneered the development of Place Brand Books. These books, typically prepared for clients, explain the content of brand strategies for places and destinations in terms of their offers and experiences, their target market audiences and the messages about the bran proposition that local stakeholders should use in promoting the areas. Click on for a blog post on Brand Books written for City Nation Place.

Place Brand Audits

The starting point for any place or destination brand strategy is a thorough audit of what’s there at present – its current set of offers and experiences and the market audiences it attracts, undertaken to “proof” what it can say about that offer in its brand proposition and the marketing of it. Click on to read a blog post on our approach to place brand auditing written for City Nation Place.

Culture In City And National Branding

Culture plays an important role in determining city and national brand strategies.
Click here for a copy of a presentation on this subject that Malcolm Allan gave to the Forum on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth on October 15 2014

Why do most city branding campaigns fail?

Click here to read a short article on this issue by Samantha North on the New Statesman City Metrics site

Experience Retail and Tourism

Click here for a copy of Malcolm Allan’s latest presentation on the contribution of experience retail destinations to tourism and tourist destination brands.

The Benefits of City and Regional Branding

Click here for a copy of the presentation that Malcolm Allan gave on this subject in Oslo on June 3 2014 and click here for a copy of his notes. It sets out his latest thinking on what’s involved in creating and implementing a city region brand strategy and covers the important role that airports play in such strategies and features a case study on the city and region brand development work being undertaken in Cork in south west Ireland.

An Introduction to Place & Destination Branding & Marketing

This is a new one day workshop for people who wish to understand what’s involved in and the benefits of preparing and implementing a place brand strategy.

Click here for a leaflet on this workshop.

Development Brand Strategy & Marketing

This is a new consultancy service for developers, property owners and their advisers who wish to devise an effective place brand strategy and related marketing plan for the development and promotion of their sites and buildings.

Click here for a leaflet on this service.

Experience Masterplanning for Brand Strategy

Placematters has pioneered the development of Experience Masterplans as a comprehensive and effective method of implementing place brand strategy.

Click here for a paper which describes what is involved and a case study.

High Street and Town Centre Branding

There is an important role for place and destination brand strategy to play in the renewal and regeneration of high streets and town centres.

Click here for a paper on this topic presented at the launch of the Scottish Government’s 2012 consultation on its architecture and placemaking policy.

The Roots of Place Branding and its Relevance to Urban Planning

Click here for a paper presented to the 7th International Conference on Urban Planning in Bangkok which won an award for Best Presented Paper at the Conference.

Place Brand Leadership

Effective leadership of place and destination brand strategies is vital if they are to be implemented effectively.

Click here for a copy of “The Leadership Challenge”, Chapter 6 of “Destination Brands – Managing Place Reputation”, published in 2011 by Elsevir.

Tourism, Places, Brands and Reputation Management

Click here for the introductory chapter of “Destination Brands – Managing Place Reputation” by Nigel Morgan and Annette Pritchard